Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All those couple of hundred small things.... part 3

Because of my mast's dimensions, I had to remove the pop top in order to raise the mast.  Also, the aft mast support fell apart at the end of my journey, only cosmetic damage to the pop top fortunately.  Anyway, two good reasons to make a new support.  The new one is extended about 25 cm compared to the plan, and have an extra horizontal connection.  Also, it is widened at the upper end to accommodate rollers for the large mast section.

I also finally got around to make a permanent brace with a working connection to the traveller.

I am also working on a better (permanent and working) front mast support.  I moulded a lower piece to fit the bow web, using tape to pack out in order to make room for marine carpet lining.

Tape removed, trial fitting with carpet

Then there were several things to finish on the mast.  First I had to laminate the external junction on the front half (spreader height)

One layer 0º, then two staggerd layers of 45º/45º.

Then, as I wasn't paying attention when making it, "hanen" (sorry, don't know the English name) was too big and had to be shortened to give room for the sail.  Also had to terminate the dead end otherwise.  Unfortunately, the sheave does not have the optimal position, it should have been about 1 cm further forward.

I have also fitted the mast end cap and mounted the VHF antenna and the Nexus wind vane.  The cables are not there yet.  I will also make arrangements for an easy attachment of a red battery powered LED for trailering.

One daggerboard mould half is now epoxy impregnated, the other half is almost done with the repairs from the defect in the blank.

Mixing epoxy for the mast end of the forward mast support using an old style scale


Anonymous said...

Thor, when you trailer dismount the windex and windset.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tor
Could explain the use of peelply when impregnating board mold?

Best regards


Tor Rabe said...

Definitely will do. That is why the VHF antenna is sitting on a stupid bracket as well, in stead of being mounted directly on the end cap.

Tor Rabe said...

And Martin: I used the peel ply in the mould as a test. Not using it leaves an uneven surface that needs quite a bit of sanding. My thought was that with peel ply the excess resin is removed with the peel ply. It worked quite well.