Saturday, February 04, 2012

Another step

After pulling the daggerboard from the moulds, I laminated the leading edge aramid strip and sprayed a litre of under coat.  Then went sailing.
As I'm not using gel coat, the surface tends to have areas of small voids, I have not found out how to avoid this.  It's time to get it all shiny.  The marks on the board shows it is 25 cm submerged when up.  I'll apply antifouling to the lower 30 I guess, and leave the rest with a bright colour, as specified in the ISAF regulations.
I also applied fairing compound to the forward mast support.

I cut and mounted the medium hard urethane rubber bumper stopper under the mast foot.  Now I won't have to be so careful when pulling up the daggerboard.

I also made the plastic strips that the pop top should slide on.  PE cutting board.  My pieces of UHMWPE was not long enough.

My smallest towing vehicle modified with F-22 pop top.

Preparing the pop top to accept instruments at the back end.  Then Andrew presented a Saturday lecture on electro magnetic physics, please see the comments on my previous post Electronics.  So I have to consider that yet again.

Contraryto the weather forecast, it's getting even colder.  So the daggerboard is sitting in front of the fire place keeping it self warm as the fairing compound hopefully will cure.


Silas said...

I want to do my daggerboard high vis as well, I say we just split a can of fluorescent antifouling paint, I don't think it can be that expensive...?

Tor Rabe said...

So who makes this stuff?