Tuesday, February 28, 2012


After filling a lot of small imperfections I had to sand down the parts again.

Then another sprayed layer of high build epoxy primer

This was then sanded down with a random orbital sander using 240 grit paper. Before this point, I have only used a rigid long board for sanding, I think this gives the best control of the contour of the parts.

Guttorm, my "landlord" and sail trimmer, inspecting the result.  For size comparison, he is a relatively big guy at 6'8" (204 cm).  The daggerboard just visible in the far end of the paint booth.  The pop top, bow pole and mast support was sent to the paint shop for painting later this week.

A last shot of the yellow finish

I had an accident during the final preparations for painting and the pilots that I had tread for the halyards was ripped off and lost into the mast.  So now I will have an excellent opportunity to work out the best technique for treading halyards trough the mast.  Suggestions appreciated.


Anonymous said...

You might look into a "fish tape" that electricians use for pulling wires through conduit, it's a long (>50 foot) spool of rigid steel wire that can be pushed through a hidden space, and then the wire (or halyard in this case) gets taped to it with a healthy amount of vinyl tape and pulled back through the other direction.

F-22 #135

Tor Rabe said...

Tanks, I was thinking in the direction of an electrician as well. Will try this first.