Friday, February 03, 2012

Small steps

After hauling the boat last fall, I put together a quick list of things that I wanted to do during winter.  It filled one page, and even though the boat can sail now, there sure are a lot of things to be sorted until it is like I want it.  Time has not been available in sufficient amounts, and the boat is not kept in a heated place, so the list will definitely still be substantial at next launch.

But I'm working on it.

Engine operation was awkward.  I'm modifying the engine bracket to improve handling.  This will also give the control wires a bit better life.  When this is done I will add a tiller-engine link to improve tight quarter manoeuvrability.  It seems impossible to use the same engine mount for the 2,5 hp.  I guess I will just have to race with the big one.

I also pulled out the daggerboard to finish the finishing work on that one.  There were a small bump along the leading edge from where the kevlar tape ended.  I suspect this was the source of the wonderful music appearing at about 14 kt boat speed. Now covered in fairing compound on one side.

Just started a lot of other small things as well.  Slow progress, fingers tend to fall off after short time working on the boat.  Hopefully we will see some less friggin' cold weather soon.

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