Saturday, November 24, 2012

Canting rig

The idea with a canting rig is to keep the forces from the rig working horizontal, and thus prevent the downward force created from a heeled rig.  I contacted John Franta at Colligo Marine for suggestions on the cleanest, lightest installation.

This is his suggestion:

" We have done a couple of systems now with our double static block purchase system using 5 mm dux as the running line. This is on a 44 foot Chris White Trimaran.  They claim 1-2 knots more speed from it!  It uses a safety line spliced between the chainplate distributor and the line terminator to limit travel. 
This is probably how I would do yours, lightest system you can get.  I would run the line back to the cockpit to a clutch  on each side."
I don't think I have the space for the lying cascade, not on deck anyway, but I have not got to this yet.  Anyway, a system in this direction is what I will go for.

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