Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jacta est alea

Supposedly said by Julius Caesar on January 10, 49 BC when he crossed the river Rubicon to start the war against Pompeius. Today repeated by yours sincerely as I cut the bow off Panta Rei's starboard float.

The bow bulkhead's position was established by palpatory percussion and measurement from the beam bulkhead.  Then I drilled holes safely forward of the bulkhead to establish it's exact location.

Then I drew a line and cut the float in halves.  OUCH!

Showing current and suggested new surface contour at this location

Starting to build up a new foam blank for the elongated plumb bow.  Old and new, side by side

I've calculated the added volume from bow bulkhead to beam bulkhead to be approximately 26 litres.  I have to look closer at the difference between the two foam caps, but the added length alone should give more than 10 litres.


nico peursum said...

The first F22SR ? :-)

Anonymous said...

Is the new bow your own design or from Ian? I've noticed that the coming production F22 is going to have different floats that for example you have built:



Tor Rabe said...

Ian told me roughly what changes he had done to the production floats. I'm designing my mods with that as a back curtain. I'm still not sure whether I will do anything to the sterns, although tempting, as I want to keep the balance right and I think that will also contribute to a bit better longitudinal stability.