Saturday, November 24, 2012

Main sheet mods

I had the recommended 6:1/24:1 main sheet.  I used the Ronstan system main sheet #12. I've used a 10mm triple braid for coarse and 8mm for fine.  My focus at the time of purchase was grip and the hand of the line.  There is a lot of friction in the lines and I will change to thinner lines for that reason, at least the coarse.

I would wish for a bit more power on the coarse.  The fine has plenty of power, but very little travel.

Today I added a block to get 7:1 coarse, left the fine so 28:1 fine.  Usual crossing lines as the triples make.  I had a 50 kg load that was not able to let the line out because of friction.

After studying this set up for a while I got an idea and threaded it again. Voila! The twist was gone. No scientific results, but it felt lighter.  I also went down to 3:1 for the fine.  Will have to replace the 40 double with a single with becket. And a thinner line and I guess I'll be there.  7:1/21:1 it is now.


Anonymous said...

Tor - This is one thing I also will change for next season. My new setup will be 6:1/12:1 with an endless line.
I think 12:1 will be enough for my smaller main. The 6:1 has a Ronstan rachet block, which I noticed is not easy to release qickly under load (but very good otherwise)

- Olof

CrashGybe 22 said...

Hi Tor,

Great mod. Not sure if there is a better way with the fine tune inside but with the Hobie 18 we used to rotate the top block 90 degree see here

This avoids any friction, but with the fine tune in the middle I am not sure that it can be done. For mine, I have opted for a fine tune internal to the boom. This gives me a lot more travel but there could also be a lot of line laying on the deck.

One question, when you are going to windward with the center hull flying, do you ease the main at all or just pinch?

Tor Rabe said...

Thanks. What was your original setup Olof? I really need the fine under single reef as well, which should compare to your main area.

I will have to look closer to the routing in the transition coarse/fine, otherwise I do not think there are better ways with my block, which I really like and have no intention of switching out.

I try not to play the sheet when going up hill, as this have an adverse effect on the jib. Pinching works fine, keeping steady speed but going higher in the gusts. Traveller can be played a bit if needed without interfering with jib trim.

Anonymous said...


I started with 6:1/25:1 8/6 mm line.
Way to much fine tune, very slow action. Also I kind of like to feel a bit of power in the sheets when sailing as long as it can be handled.
I am using one 8mm line for the new setup.
But for the bigger main and racing, your 7:1/21:1 seems very much ok to me.


Anonymous said...

Correction: my old setup was 6:1/30:1 8/6 mm line