Saturday, July 06, 2013

Establishing the new forward float shape

I have an idea of how the shape at the first bulkhead should be.  And the new profile of the float bow.  Then I just have to try and tie it all together and apply the adjustments listed in my last post.  I am still uncertain as to how well this will go, both with respect to the final result as well as how much trouble it will be to make these changes.

This morning i started out glueing a 12mm sheet of foam to the next 1,2 metres aft of the first bulkhead..  I use PU glue for all the foam glueing.  I put this sheet in a bag to make sure I had sufficient pressure over the whole panel while curing.  The foam blank in progress seen in foreground.

I was home waiting for the cure when Per, who has been working in my workshop, building a new carbon wing mast for his cruising cat, called me and told of a gigantic bang that suddenly had frightened him.  It turned out the resin trap had imploded.  Saved the job by bypassing the trap.

After rough shaping the new foam I glued another sheet in the more forward part.

I think I will have to attach the foam blank now, and just work the long board to get the lines smooth.  Then probably make up  patterns to transfer the same shape to the three other float bow sides.

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