Friday, July 05, 2013

Re start

With a few other non sailing related tasks finished, it is time to push on getting the boat back on the water. This coincided with the arrival of Farrier Marines very nice set of float lifting foil cases as shown in the below picture.

I've spent much of the day glueing foam to the bow blank, and shaping it to the best of my abilities.  The aims are as close to the original as possible down low, to maintain light air performance, then as fat as possible in the mid section to prevent bow buying as the wind picks up, and then a fine entry rounded top to easily resurface when the above occurs anyway. It's a "start fat enough and take down a bit more right here until you are satisfied" project.Not easily photographed.

I made a heavy duty carbon tube to replace the SS fittings for the bow pole whisker stay.  It will be glued to the forward bulkhead, transversing the float and using a system as in my shroud attachments.

And I finally finished the taping of the wing net support flange modifications.

I'm looking forward to receive Mr. Farriers details on the correct placement of the lifting foils, but not so much looking forward to all the hassle installing the cases. Stay tuned.

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