Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The "new" float is getting there, slowly.  The first, starboard, side was a bit of work, but I think it starts looking reasonable.  Port side was a blast and the next two float sides should be even faster, as I can apply the extra foam more precise.

I have removed the SS deck fitting for the bow pole side stay and replaced it with a piece of carbon tubing taped to the forward bulkhead.  I will use a system similar to the one on the shrouds to attach the stays.

 More sheets of 12mm H60 foam being glued to the central 75mm foam bow cap piece

 Another sheet being glued to the float side

 Bow cap being attached

The carbon tube is taped to the forward bulkhead

 Float up side down.  Elongated at waterline, but the shape is preserved at the first few inches of immersion to maintain the good light air performance.

 Port side up side down.  Will give an idea as to how the additional buoyancy is distributed. Much less fairing compound will be required prior to lamination here.

 Front view up side up.  I plan on adding a rounded deck the first 152 cm of the float to assist in the resurfacing process after the occational dive, and to reduce the rate of deceleration encountered with the current design.

 Oblique view

 Prototype padding.  Lots of bits and pieces of foam and a bunch of fairing compound.  This shape is transferred to the other sides using templates every foot cut from this shape.

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