Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally building again

After a period with a lot of work and obligations to my family I will hopefully do some progress the next few days. I am now finished with the inside taping of the starboard float laying down the beam flanges today after tearing off the peel ply from the last layer, setting up the flange molds that I had from port side taping and laying 4 layers of 500g carbon. I remembered that I did not wax the molds when I was about to leave for the evening, it will be a thrill to see if I can get the molds out tomorrow....:

I also picked down the float form frames as these have now served their duty.

From Frimann I have the experience that the floats are always wet. That is why I will do as Henny and make nets in the bottom of the storage compartments. Today I made the first effort to make a carbon tube for attaching these nets. I waxed a 20mm outer diameter PVC pipe and laid down 500g bi ax carbon, peel ply, release film and RDM:

Then wrapped it all around the tube and sealed it in a bag (actually all but the tube endings, still 1 atm inside tube):

The middle hose is sucking from the epoxy bucket and the two other tubes at the ends are connected to the resin trap. This picture was taken just after opening the resin inlet. The tube is attached to the table in order to keep it straight during curing:

This picture was taken 16 mins later, the inlet is closed but vacuum still working from the ends. It will stay this way over night. In the background you can see the main hull form frames, two of which I will have to make over due to change in my plans according to model:

I can't wait to see if I can a) release the flange molds from the flanges and b) use this tube for the intended purpose.
Time will show...

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