Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shaping the keel on first float

The plans contain detailed descriptions on the keel shape on three different locations along the floats, and the shape is supposed to describe a part of a circle with increasing radius from bow to stern. From this I calculated the radius on several locations, 2-3 feet increments and made patterns in pieces of MDF:Using these patterns I shaped the keel on the chosen locations as this photograpy illustrates:
Then drawing lines with a marker on these locations and finally: I got to use my long-board! I made the long-board from a board made for concrete fairing (12 x 120 cm) and then made brackets to hold the 60 grit paper. It is made from some kind of foam and weighs nothing. I may modify it further to look like Henny's board to be able to connect the vacuum cleaner.
Anyway, with the long-board I faired down the areas in between the pre shaped areas until the marker lines was gone. This made a very fair curve and it is reproducable for the next float. I did not come down to the inner laminate at any position but it was quite close on the three last feet.The keel profile seen from the bow. I have a few obvious low spots and I know it comes from ending the battens on a sub optimal position, leaving the last piece of the batten too straight. I will fill in the most obvious low spots, but otherwise focus on not leaving any high spots before laminating the outside. I see that Martin did quite a lot of filling and fairing prior to the lamination but my experiences today tell me it is quite difficult to fair well when you combine bog and H60 Divinycell and I will thus keep most of the bog outside the outer laminate.
Keel profile seen from the stern. It really looks like a fast shape!