Monday, April 23, 2007

Starboard float internal laminations. Reconsidering cruising cabin aft cockpit version.

Slow progress due to other obligations in the latest. I have however worked on the internal lamination on the starboard float. All reinforcements have been cut and all deck flanges is made. I also glued in the aluminum tapping plate for the bow eye:
Here is a picture of the first laminations on the aft side of the forward beam bulkhead. Next is setting up the mold plates to make the carbon beam flange.
I also had several sailors visiting me this week-end. I took advantage of this situation to see if anyone could talk me into building one of the aft cabin versions. I have to digest what came out of the discussions for a while, but it seems today that I most likely will go for the cuddy cabin plus aft cabin version. Need to find final solutions for the galley and cockpit tent though.
I see several advantages with the large central cockpit and aft cabin. The boat will be used for both racing and family cruising with children and I try to find the best solution to cover the different needs. The northern climate has to be taken into consideration as well, of course, I live almost 64 deg north... Here is an interior scetch of this version:


Anonymous said...

Have been watching your site since the start. Congratulations on a great looking job.
As far as the cabin configuration goes - I too have been agonising over what would be best. Haven't bought plans or anything yet but it's fun to dream.
My best solution was cuddy cabin and aft cabin as you have proposed. However can I suggest that if you go that way you will have to go with a centreboard not a dagger board. Last year whilst sailing in the Australian multi hull national titles (on a TT720) I had the occasion to board one of the new Corsair Sprint 750's and have a look over it. It has a small cuddy cabin similar to the F22 with a dagger board. (This is pure racing machine, not crusing)
It was very awkward to squeeze into the little cuddy cabin around the dagger board. So I believe a centre board is the answer.
Again - great effort!
Brisbane Australia

Tor Rabe said...

Thank you, Daniel!

The daggerboard is a real headache. I really want the daggerboard for it's efficiency and easy set up, but I realize it will take a lot of the interior room. But with the cuddy cabin, the cockpit will be the place to be anyway, I think. Well, still have some time to consider..

Orla said...

This is great info to know.