Monday, April 16, 2007

Several things have happened since last posting

First, I suddenly became the owner of a monoslug. My old trimaran "Frimann" is in Oslo, which is 600 km from my home and I don't get to sail it very often any more. The Snipe can only be sailed with wet-suit and one competent crew. I was looking around on the internet when I found a small monoslug and made a joke to my landlord Guttorm about buying one of those to have a sail every wednesday until the F-22 is finished and a few hours later I was the happy owner of the half of this beauty, a Maxi 77:Then I finished the Epoxy-pre-heating-closet:
Wet lay up and vacuum bagging the trike seat:
Then my future crew and trike rider Eilert showed up to check up on the progress of my work:
The trike with "new" seat, the only carbon/kevlar composite trike seat in kindergarden, I presume:

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