Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Float shaping

Today I glued on the bow caps, fixing them with straps to the chain plate while curing.

Then I started forming the deck to side radius, first making the major cut away with this machine, which English name is unknown to me. I call it an "elektrisk høvel".

Proceeding with several of the tools shown below, the PVC-tube sanding board now equipped with 60 grit paper glued to it using "Kontaktlim":

Inner radius formed. I had to be careful not to remove parts of the seating for the hatch, and it was a bit tricky to make a smooth shape due to the chain plate but I was satisfied with this side in less than an hour.

Then the same procedure on the outer side, not being complicated by a chain plate and it was quite pleasant work as the result became obvious with quite modest efforts.

Overview of starboard float deck:

I expect further progress tomorrow.

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