Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some sailing, some fairing

I've been away for a short holiday and got a few days in the Oslo fjord. "Frimann" is still sailing, but I am really looking forward to it's retirement and replacement with the F-22.

Here is a few pictures of Frimann crewed by Thomas and me and 5 children "overtaking" a mono (Avance 24, finished 3rd in Færder last two years) with some friend and a camera:

When shaping the bows I found that my floats were slightly concave in this area. I discussed the intended shape with Ian Farrier who says they are intended to be sraight in this area. I will make the leading edge as slim as I dare (5-6 mm) and fill with fairing compound, some now and the rest outside the laminate. I concentrate on removing any high spots at this stage to minimize the need for filling up later.

Turning the floats from side to side is easy when suspended from the ceiling:

Leading edge "under construction":

I am still fairing but the two floats are soon ready to recieve the outer laminate. I also have to make some repairs to the "Snipe". More updates when there is something to tell.

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