Thursday, June 07, 2007

Float and deck joining

It is now one week since I joined the port deck and float, I have not had time to visit the workshop since then, but here is an update on last weeks progress.

Workshop overview with the Sb float with deck, the port deck waiting for the float on the table and the port deck ready for final preparations:

The Sb deck came out very even and fair, will not be much filling and fairing:

I started to make the deck to side radius using Jay's idea with a part of a 10cm PVC tube with a piece of MDF attached to it. I have not yet come up with a good solution on how to attach the paper to the "board":

Now joining port float. A hole in the deck and the table to receive the chain plate:

Deck and bulkhead flanges are filled roughly and sanded down with the longboard. Hole in the beam bulkhead to receive the dowels mounted in the table...:

...and trough the deck at specified position:

After vacuuming and de-greasing I started to apply the epoxy thickened with a mixture of microballoons and microfibers. One of the rare pictures of the boat builder due to a visitors appearance in the workshop:

Almost ready for joining....

Applying "bog" to the last part of the flanges:

And with help from the visitor the float was turned up side down, slipped right in to the dowel holes and then strapped to the floor while curing. You can also see the proud owner of two joined floats:


Trond Are Øritsland said...

Takk for en informativ site Tor
Fortsatt God Arbeidslyst,
Trond Are

Anonymous said...

The sand paper can be held on with 3M # 77 spray glue. hot air will make it let go. Or get some good clip boards and remove the clips from them and attach them to your board. and you could always use a small strip of wood on the top of your boaord held in place by a wing nut...this stip of wood should have some sand paper attached to it to grip the paper you are trying to hold. A couple of nail heads stickig through this little block would also help

F22 #45 Teachers Pet

Tor Rabe said...

Thanks. Before I read this comment I attached the paper with "Kontaktlim" wich is a kind of glue used for fixing shoe soles etc. Worked perfectly.