Sunday, September 02, 2007

OJ's photo report on life in the workshop

I finished the outside laminate of the float on august 26. It went almost well, I ran out of standard hardener and had to use fast hardener for the last part which has left me with some challenging sanding work near the keel. I will not know how challenging until I unwrap the float from the peel ply. There are almost no bubbles, I have found three or four though, they are small (1 cm diameter) I think I will fix them with the use of two syringes with subcutaneous needles; one to suck the air out and one to inject epoxy. And I will have to accept a 0.5 mm thicker layer of fairing compound in those areas.

I will have to buy some more hand laminating resin (SP system Ampreg 20) and slow or standard hardener for the other float. As it is an 8 hour drive each way to the shop I haven't been able to pick it up yet, I will in the end of this week. I will then also bring Frimann to it's new home port Trondheim. Frimann was sold the other day and we are now three owners, the other two being Sigmund and Eivind. Eivind is starting the building of his Slinn these days and we will have Frimann for recreation as we build our new boats.

I made an album with a few of OJ's pictures (OJ being OJ Ramfjord, my brother in law, a former hard core windsurfer, now mostly addicted to catching salmon using his home made flies), showing me lurking around looking for bubbles and trying to figure out how to make the wingnet rail mold.

Photo report from the workshop on August 28.

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