Monday, October 15, 2007

Details on attaching wing net rail

Builder tip: Do finish all work on the chain plate before fitting wing net rail!

I chose to attach the vertical supports to the wing net rail before fitting it to the float. Seems to have worked out well, other ways may work as well, but I did this for better access. Then I bedded the five attachment points in fiber reinforced putty on the deck, supporting the rail with temporarily rigged stringers. Then I covered the "legs" of the rail with tape, overlapping 4 cm in each direction out on the deck.

I used a bit excessive putty , making sure it would fill up around all edges. Here showing the underside:

After this first stage was cured I cut out a piece of MDF to use measuring the height of the rail over the deck. Making sure the height was even fore and aft, the vertical supports was bedded in fiber reinforced putty and strapped down with a stringer. I also placed the deck side tape and a piece of peel ply on the inner side and let cure:


Then the final lamination on both sides. I always use peel ply. This makes an excellent surface for further laminations or fairing compound, and it helps smoothing out the tape ends, leaving less work building up and fairing.

This shot shows the slightly different angle on the two vertical supports due to the different width of the deck. The rail is positioned relative to the midline of the float deck.

Then I covered it all in yet another layer of fairing compound:

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