Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More fairing pictures

I found that the surface of the starboard float deck was pretty even after sanding down the latest layer of fairing compound. Still some differences visible in the surface due to different pressure from the sanding paper, but I am not able to feel any unevenness with my hands. I just got a new neighbor in the workshop, haven't met him yet but I've been told he is a car body worker and his nickname is "Sanding". Guess I will have a chat with that bloke. Lots of dust on the surface and too poor light to make really sharp shots unfortunately:

Still some work to do around the wing net rail attachment points, and the chainplate of course.

Frontal view:

Then I cut out the holes for the hatches. At first I dug out foam with a screw shown in front. Then I used the 10mm rondell on the "lynsliper". Status after the screw digging:

And after the "lynsliper":

And after filling the edges and covering the bog up with peel ply:

In the case of nothing to work on on the floats (due to curing, for instance) I have some cardboard patterns for main hull flat panels ready. The down side is that my thorough "calculations" on how to place all pieces in order to make as little as possible offcuts (I see Biol did the same thing) are made from the parts for the cuddy-aft version, I have now decided to build standard-aft.

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