Saturday, October 13, 2007

Making patterns and mast inquiries

And I have been busy going over all my patterns, redoing them to fit the latest choice of model and also getting all the updates in.

And I made an inquiry regarding the F-22R carbon wing mast to Marstroem and received a mail from Torbjorn Linderson where he tells me that he is already working on the design and the price is probably around €10.000 + tax, hopefully somewhat lower.

I am also investigating the possibility of building a mast that do not require spreaders, this has to have a considerably larger profile in the middle part (approximately the double of the section described in the plans), but it would be nice not to have the spreaders and wires around when raising and lowering the mast. I guess the weight of this mast will be decisive on whether it is a realistic option. (Class racing rules will not, unfortunately, be a prohibiter for custom designs here in Northern Europe. And if this proves wrong, I will change the mast with great pleasure).


Anonymous said...

Shurely the prebend set up by the sweeping spreaders will decrease the fore-aft pumping of the mast?


Tor Rabe said...

This is one of the things I will have to investigate further. The F-28 XOZ had a mast like this. As do the two new Norkatt 37. They are for sure incredible fast all these three "home designed" Norwegian multihulls.