Friday, October 19, 2007

Winter on it's way, time to work on the workshop

So, I finally got the hole in the wall so the exhaust from the heater is let loose in the wilderness (and not in the adjacent room where I get my fresh air and now Mr "Sanding" is working on his car). The downside with this is that when the wind is westerly (which it tends to be, especially when the weather is unpleasant) cold air is being forced in to my workshop. To avoid this I installed a PVC kind of curtained hatch/register, not quite in to the technical terms, over the let out. This melted down in less than a minute after the heater started. It turns out this hatch does not work as intended after melt-down. (I know there is a lot of talking about heating and weather, but it actually is an important factor here. This summer I would have been able to work with epoxy in a tent in the garden for 4-6 hours for two days! If I didn't have a job I would probably been able to do ten times that.)

Today I went out in the garage and found some scrap metal (I never throw away anything, it might come handy some day, you know) and welded a box. Into this box I inserted two pieces of weather-protecting sheet metal for roof edges pivoting on rivets:

A bit more overview, inside of box:

And mounted it on the wall over the exhaust outlet:

It almost worked. I will weld pieces of machine screws to the rivets, pointing upwards and a bit inwards and adjust with the correct amount of nuts in order to balance the register right.

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