Saturday, November 01, 2008

Main bulkhead rescue

Quite a while ago I had an "accident" while infusing the main cabin bulkheads. The finished parts was resin starved, and tests of cut outs have shown unacceptable properties, the main problem being delamination. Luckily, the panel was so starved the channels in the foam was still open and a test re infusion of a cut out showed promising result and yesterday I did a re infusion of the port main bulkhead. To ensure full distribution of resin, I used RDM as well on both sides.

After the panel was fully saturated, I stopped the pump to make sure the same would not happen again. Exciting this morning when I came to inspect the part. I could make a new one of course, but it is actually quite a lot of money in this part already, so it would be nice to be able to save it. Luckily it seems very well, even better than the test I ran a while ago. I will use this part.

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