Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bow web, rudder web, vacuum strategy

I laminated the first layers on the rudder centre web a week ago or so. Wet lay up and vacuum bagging. It is difficult to get the fabric to lay perfect around these complex shapes, but the vacuum at least makes sure there will not be voids between the core and the fibres.

Here I am making ready to laminate the last reinforcements to the rudder web. Uni and C-fabric cut and the web prepared for further lamination.

I also laminated some layers of reinforcements to the bow web, then I put both parts in a bag.

With the port hull half I laminated from the keel line to the gunwhale line first, then the side and cabin top. I am not sure this is the best way to do it and I am now considering making the "join" a bit higher than the gunwhale, but I am not sure about this yet. The advantage would be that I get a better walking area to finish the planking, the disadvantage will be a little more difficult access when laminating the first portion. I have not yet decided on how to do it, but planking goes on in between the making of other parts.

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