Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lower hull planked

Yesterday I finished the planking of the lower hull, and I glued all the panels together. After a session with the sanding paper I will have to go over and fill all the joins again to make sure it is air tight for vacuum bagging. I also make a strip with bog along the edge for the vacuum tape as tape directly on the foam will leak. View from the bow:

And from midship towards the stern:

A rather large construction from pvc foam is now emerging in my workshop:

I have also started the minor modifications from the original plans on the rudder web. After the misfortunate incident (last paragraph) with the F-22R "Stick shift", that the designer published just as it had happened, mr Farrier mailed all builders and told that an update in the plans would arrive shortly, when he personally had made a new web for "Stick shift". I stopped my work on the part, and when the updated plan arrived after a week or so it turned out I would not have to do any changes, just minor adjustments to the part at my stage. I think that his totally open and forward way to address design problems gives me extra confidence that I bought plans from an excellent designer. The web blank with gudgeons and a bit of bog:

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