Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heater trouble, new tools, friendly visit and some planking

My heater have been acceleratingly less reliable lately. A few days ago it refused to kick in. Hence, with 10 - 12 below outside (°C) I was forced to spend time on this device rather than planking the hull. I managed to make some temporary repairs and it have been working once in a while for a couple of days now. I've ordered new filters, nozzle and igniter and hope it will behave and be a nice heater when this is installed.

The other day I bought a GOP. I don't know why it's called GOP but it is very nice. Have a look:

It will be very handy when I'm about to cut down the cabin roof to be flush with the bulkheads and for cutting back for the beam mounts.

Today I had a visitor in the workshop. Torkil, who built his own Trailertri 720 Volare in the nineties,and now is the owner of C24 Volare III. His Trailertri is most likely sailing Dutch waters now. We had a very nice chat about boatbuilding in general and about Farrier's designs. The C24 is obviously a very nice boat that sail pretty good, but it seems to be a bit on the heavy side compared to what was listed, and the rudder gudgeon construction does seem to be quite some way from optimal from what Torkil tells. Here is a low quality picture of Volare III sailing in Trondheimsfjorden

And some planking have been done between all the other things

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