Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ponton heater boxes part seven

After joining three of the sides I was left with a rather big hole on the top side of the heater box.

I made a mould from a piece of wood to get a solid surface to laminate on. The piece was covered with packaging tape for release and shaped to fit the box on the inside on the level of the hole. Then I placed a wetted out piece of glass inside the mould and the wood was pressed in place using a clamp inside.

I had to replace the missing cardboard and used a piece of Divinycell, X-linked PVC foam. Easy to shape. Here the mould test fitted and the Divinycell panel laying on the side.

Trying out the Divinycell panel.

Obviously, it is not possible to laminate and take pictures at the same time, so here the laminating is finished.

Then I covered the inside metal part of the good one.

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