Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ponton heater boxes part two

I had some serious starting problems. Where do you start on a project like this? I decided to glue together some split areas on the best box and start to restore the original shape on the other one. I stuffed it with pieces of wood to get the shape restored. Here you see the boxes stuffed, and some of the dirt I dug out of them.

Then I cut the glass and consumables, still very anxious to find out the working time on the epoxy as this was not declared on the label. Ambient temp 20 - 25 C, epoxy kept in 20 C. It was very well workable for half an hour. Just started to spread the glue.

Here two defects being glued together on the least damaged one.

The other one getting it's shape restored. Glass covered with peel ply and a sheet of used vacuum bag, then an attempt to achieve some pressure on the laminate using tape.

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Dag said...

Ahh!! I like what I see. You are my favourite big brother!

I look forward to part three, four and five! Let's hope that is enough.