Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ponton heater boxes parts four through six

On Sunday, I was able to laminate one side of the best heater.

Then the more damaged one was connected on one side. I have to do this in several operations in order to get the geometry right, and some cardboard is also missing and have to be replaced somehow.
Here, the two pieces are held together, hopefully in the correct position, with clamps as the first side is being glued together using an overlapping glass laminate.

Then, yesterday morning the first connecting laminate was enough hardened to proceed. I made a glass piece for the opposite side.

Still need for several clamps to keep the parts in correct position.

A long glass piece was cut for the top side of the other heater box

The two heaters after wet out and peel ply.

After some curing I was able to do another lamination later the same day. The reconnected heater box was now stable enough for regular handling and I went on with a laminate on the underside. The clamps are compressing the epoxy soaked dissolved cardboard making a pretty reasonable result.

Still several rounds of handling required, which is a problem as the deadline tomorrow morning is coming up fast....

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