Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Even more catching up things and other invisible progress

I'm at a stage now, and probably will be for the remainder of the building period, where a lot of time spent does not really show in a photography.  A long time ago I obviously found that it was wise to wait with the internal lamination of the rudder centre web starboard side until the hull was in a better position.  I did find it in that position today.  Sanding down old putty, cleaning, filleting and laminating in a close to inaccessible space takes time, but here it is:

Then almost all of the anchor well taping is done.  I still have to do the underside deck to forward well wall taping, which will be done as soon as the hull is up side down again.

All glueing flanges for the custom carbon fibre holding tank top are done.

The winter came by once more, just as my wife's electrical car had broken down and had to be transported to a distant workshop where such cars can be fixed.

It turned out the main solenoid was burned and I will go and get it tomorrow.

Port side structural aft coaming have been fitted and laminated inside

And holding tank top and coaming panels are under construction.

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