Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New heater. Port cockpit seat taping

I finally got so tired of the Foma Powerheater 40S that I ordered a new heater.  Italian, industrial type.  The main difference is that the new runs an 11 bar diesel pump instead of the passive suction type construction of the Foma.  This is said to be a much more reliable type of heater, and obviously it burns cleaner and more effective with the high injection pressure.  It's also 20% higher power (52 kW), twice the airflow, has an external 1000 l (~260 gallons) diesel tank so carrying Jerry cans are history. It makes less and much more pleasant noise.  The result is that my workshop now has an even temperature and much better air, and I can spend more time building the boat.  I almost always regrets it when I try to save a few bucks....

Here it is:

I had a visitor (Eirik, familiar with both Snipe and keel boat racing, and full of interesting knowledge) and had to turn the boat over again to discuss a few constructional details.  The result might be a slightly different self tacking system than what I planned.  When he left I just turned the hull up on port gunwale and carried on with the taping of the port cockpit seat.
The remaining  outside joins:

And underside taping:

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