Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mini tonner preparations

Not much time available for boat building lately, and a good portion of what have been available have been put into getting the mini tonner ready for launching.  We were very close on May 16th but unfortunately,  in the process of getting the boat out trough a too small barn door using a big tractor, a heavy piece of farming equipment turned out to be more rugged than the carbon/foam rudder blade.  The rudder has now been rebuilt, with a mono hull kind of approach (quick and easy, won't see noticeable speeds anyway).

And primed:

As well as all the remaining up side down taping have been finished, with the hull in an up side down position.  This is one of the lower folding strut bracket bolting areas with external laminations finished on the inverted hull.


CrashGybe 22 said...

What is it about other projects interrupting F22 builds this week????

They might have had the same success rates too :-((


Tor Rabe said...

What happened to the Moth??

Anonymous said...

Jepp. Har fått sendt avgårde ferdig støpt benkeplate/ryggstøtteplate. Håper den kan brukes.