Monday, May 03, 2010

Skiing Vallee Blanche and some taping

I had a wonderful day, skiing with my sister the Vallee Blanche.  When I grew up in Lillehammer I had a poster of Aiguille de Midi on the wall, but this is the first time I have ever been here, it took me 30 years.  I wish for a next time within the next 30,  possibly with a ski ascension of the Mont Blanc summit....

Then back to taping cockpit panels and anchor well.  As well as making glueing flanges for the buffer tank. I started by laying the hull over on the starboard gunwale.

This made for an easy access to a lot of taping.  I made a flange for the buffer tank top/forward raised floor on the daggerboard case support web.

Then substantial parts of the anchor well was taped to the hull, both inside and outside.

And I was able to tape, quite comfortably with a good result, the cockpit seat underside.  This is a peep trough the small aft cutout.

I even got the structural aft coaming part adapted and the inside taping done on starboard side.

Then, in preparations for the forward compartment cockpit seat underside taping, including inside the safety compartment, I turned the hull another 90 deg over.  This will also give excellent working conditions for the rest of the interior anchor well taping, cockpit seat top to seat front taping, back filling the cockpit drain holes, external laminations of the lower beam mount parts as well as laminating the trailer bunk board from several layers of plywood. This is how I left the workshop with an increasingly less cooperative heater.

I might need to replace the Foma heater as it is notoriously unreliable and snow is still falling every second day so boat work without a heater is out of the question.  I should probably have been born in a more friendly climate, had anyone known I would develope such strong attraction to abnormal sailing vessels...  (Did that make any sense in English by the way?  Remember, I'm Norwegian)


Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense to me but I'm Australian ! Did you get the pics I sent a couple of weeks ago of some of my internal layout ? Jim B.

Tor Rabe said...

Yes, thanks Jim. It's a great looking boat and your pictures help me on planning some of the details.