Monday, January 03, 2011

New year, the one in which Panta Rei meets the water....

One year ago the boat was like this:

It might not look like it but the progress has not been bad actually, with a baby and two months out due to a nasty prolaps.  Hopefully this year will show to be even more productive and contain some sailing as a proove to that.

Holidays are never productive for me, too much other obligations.  But I managed to finish the starboard float for transportation to the painter.  The surface is rough and will be sanded on arrival, but the shape seems to be there:

The custom float trailer was made yesterday:

Today I started sanding and filling the last pinholes on the port float.

The rudder case have gone a few rounds with filler and sanding and is almost there as well:

The pop top getting filler on the edge in order to make a nice smooth edge:

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