Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OK, short update

It turned out it was too tight in the workshop to do the final UD laminations along the side of the mast, and I didn't have appropriate 45/45 fabric to "wrap" the UD in, so the mast went on to the barn, waiting for better weather and more carbon.  The carbon arrived today, very nice stitched light carbon from Formax, but the weather is horrible.

As the workshop was cleared, I got the main hull back in.  So I trimmed and back filled the aft edge of the hull.  I put in a string of UD carbon in the fill, to make the overhang stiff.

I made an MDF daggerboard top dummy and got the final placement of the jib traveller, drilled for the four 6mm bolts and filled 25mm diameter holes with high density epoxy filler and circular carbon fibre.

I decided the position to take out the continuous furling line for the jib, and made a hole in the hull side.  Back filled edges.

Backfilled the edges of the coaming access holes.

Then I started applying fairing compound. The main issue now is the weather.  The wind has been so heavy lately that it is not possible to heat the workshop.  The heater bacfires and fill the workshop with smoke in the gusts, also tearing pieces of buildings off and overturning large trees.  Guess it has to stop some time.  And on Saturday my hired help will join in and hopefully get some progress on the fairing.

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