Thursday, September 01, 2011

Inside. First haul for repairs.

After a week or so in the water, breaking up a few things and demonstrating the boats ability to outperform about any other boat in these waters (emphasis the boat, not the skipper - not yet anyway) , it was time to haul and get inside for repairs and finishing off a few more things.

My "yachtclub" has a big house at the docks that I can use for the repairs.  No heating though, which is challenging when working with epoxy.

The bow web has been carved empty and cut clean at the bolt level.

It is is currently being vacuum bagged, this time the uni carbon runs around the end of the web, and I only used HD foam out there, other wise it is rebuilt as per plans.

The web it self had nothing to do with the damage but make sure not to follow the plans regarding the side stays as this will not work properly, as stated by the designer "...these (sidestays) should be locked to the pole in some way so that they cannot slip or move."  I think I should have been able to see this coming, and I'm pretty mad at my self I didn't. But, soon things are back to start.

The wing net rails failed at once.

Farrier put out an update on this, but I ignored it as I had already finished fairing the floats and I probably hoped that mine would not fail.  Anyway, I'm rebuilding the rail supports as per Menno's recommendations and they will now be very rugged.

Using cutoffs from bulkhead panels to make 5 supports each side.  Make sure the supports clear the main hull when folded.

Inspecting the mast foot after the compression incident.  I had to see if anything had cracked inside.  To remove the plastic I had to chisel it out in pieces.  Seems everything was OK, the plastic wasn't inserted all the way it seems.  New plastic bearing currently being made.

Inspecting the shroud to mast connections.  After the dismasting in the garden, it was exciting to see how the new stopper knots behaved after being out in a bit of wind.  Seems like we got the size right now, and the knot seems to hold well after my tightening by pulling a 3-series BMW with hand brakes on over dry tarmac by the knot.

Also seen here is a Ronstan Orbit block attached to the mast with Colligo's new loops making a fully articulating sheave.

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