Wednesday, September 07, 2011

More glue

Got the last G10 tube bushing in.  The pole is almost ready for another go, just have to make sure the side lines are attached in a fool proof way.  I ordered some more dyneema, but will likely not have it before the week end so I will have to cut the current line in two and make eye splices on them, hopefully they will not be too short after the splice is in.

Definitely looks more like a proper boat with the pole attached. It is obvious the spin will catch more air and more easily from the end of this pole than how we rigged it on Ytterøya rundt.

Glued and taped the new wing net rail inner supports

Laminated a goose neck on a plug from building foam.  Covered in peel ply and wrapped in tape during cure.  The plan is to melt out the foam with acetone or some other chemical.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tor , a few teething problems , hope you get some sailing in before Winter ! I think one of the problems with the wing net supports is the very acute angle they make , we shaped ours a bit differently and they are vertical - much more efficient for the strain involved . Keep up the good work . Cheers , Jim Buckland .

Tor Rabe said...

Thanks Jim. I don't quite understand your wing net support mod. I do hope my mod will be sufficient though. Will be sailing in Oslo fjord this week end.