Monday, September 05, 2011

more epoxy repairs

I decided to put on some extra UD carbon and then covered it all in several layers woven fabric at the tip.  The hole has now been made and the G10 bushing is in place.

The new pole "ear" being glued in place.  Making a new and attaching it was easy, the hard thing was to remove the old broken one.  It is now also laminated over.

Preparing the new inner supports for the wing net rail.  These will definitely not fail in compression, but I've started to wonder if they are so stiff something else will fail instead.  Hope not.

Test fitting under the rail.

I have the wires for the mast head VHF antenna and the Nexus nWind transducer treaded, and now have to make a gooseneck for trough deck wiring.  The mrc Box will be located inside the mast near the base.

It's getting dark here now, so I have to have working navigation lights before relaunch.

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