Friday, December 07, 2012

Bow mod

As the float bows will be rebuilt, the main bow should also be modified to match.

"Laminating" three sheets of 10mm Divinycell to make the backbone of the bow extension.  Using PU glue and pressure.

I don't want to make more work than necessary out of this, so the bobstay and trailer eyes will not be modified.  But as they are being covered by the extension as shown here trial fitting the extension

I had to make holes in the foam extension and will take the necessary precautions around these holes.  The blank is epoxied on and curing.  Will start the coarse shaping next time.  I will have to fill a bit to make it blend in as well, but I will not actively try to add volume here.  I do get a 12 cm added waterline though.

I've started sanding the central 30mm thick foam extension.  I will use an approximately 5mm radius at the lower part, slightly increasing up.  I will have to fill out the existing hull about a foot back, mostly at the lower part of the hull, to make the new lines fully blend with the existing hull.

To be continued ...

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