Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More bow work

After the bow line was established, it was possible to see how far aft the hull had to be filled out in order to get a smooth transition.  A sheet of 10mm Divinycell H60 was glued to a well sanded hull side.

This sheet of foam had to be sanded flush with the hull aft, and then towards the bow line.

Then I had to fill up with another layer of foam to the central elongated part

Then I had to fit another 6mm sheet on the forward edge of the hull fill out.  And also another 6mm along the keel being kept in place with some tape.

Finally the shaping is done.

Today I filled the perimeters of the trough hull towing and bob stay eyes with high density epoxy putty.  A 20mm PVC tube is keeping the holes open.  Also a few defects between foam pieces have been filled with light epoxy filler.

The structural part of these eyes are the existing eyes.  The holes will get a bell mouth to accept lashings and soft shackles.  Then it's time for laminating.

Also working on the float bows.  This picture showing three stages of sacrificial foam float bows; retired, shape being worked on and unprocessed 75mm central foam blank.  Divinycell H60 foam.

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Roger Phillips said...

Where did you get the Divinycell H60 foam from its what I need.

If you could email me

Kind regards