Friday, December 07, 2012

Mainsail pre feeder

One of the draw backs of the boomless mainsail is that it is very difficult to raise single handed.  I put the rolled sail on the wing net, and the halyard is led to the cockpit.  It is almost necessary to have a person at the mast to maker sure the boltrope feeds properly.  So I'm looking at a technical solution to this particular crew need.

I'm currently working on a prototype carbon fibre pre feeder that will support the bolt rope over a few cm just below the slot.

Routing a mould in a piece of MDF

After sanding and covering the MDF with packaging tape, I put the carbon, foam and vacuum consumables in.

Waiting for demould until fully cured

The piece out of the mould

Cut in two pieces, one each side of the mast.  Digging out end foam.

Filling with HD epoxy putty.

To be continued....

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