Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Preparing float and deck joining

Before fitting the decks, I had a few things to finish on the floats; tread a rope through the tubes in the cargo area, and drill holes for air pressure alignment in bulkheads. The rope shown here:

I also had to cut slots for the deck stringers in the flange and cut a hole in the deck for the chain plate. Alignment dowels to be correctly set up on the beam bulkhead tops. This photo shows the starboard float and deck prepared for joining (all except peeling off...). It is sitting on supports made ad modem Jay. In the middle the resin trap with a removable bucket inside. To the right the finished port deck laminate.

The starboard float is now joined, I forgot to bring the camera, and the next time it was out of batteries. I will tell the story along with the port float joining.

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