Sunday, July 26, 2009

First day summer holiday

On the first day of my holiday it was 13 deg and RAINING. So I got to work on the boat a bit. The front bunk top is glued in. Still the top tape to do, I will do that when the hull is up right.

The aft bunk top was also glued in. The same with the top taping.

The port side taping of the daggerboard case web is done. I put in a stiffener across at the aft end of the front bunk. Still to be taped:

I tacked in the rudder centre web. I'll do some of the taping before putting the rest of the aft deck on.

And I started the fitting of the starboard settee. I have to make an extra support under this one as I will make the front part of the starboard settee as well as the aft part of the front bunk hinged to give access to the head.

This is a picture to show the spacious front bunk looking past the daggerboard case on the port side.

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