Monday, July 13, 2009

Laminating keel reinforcements

After fairing the foam and filling a few gaps, grooves were made for the UD (deeper than necessary as it turned out) and a strip of peel ply for vacuum tape was laminated around the area to be reinforced. All carbon, peel ply, release film, bleeder and vacuum bag pieces were cut. The bag was taped to the hull on the lower side to prevent epoxy mess on the taping area, this worked very well. I made a small vacuum bag flange out from the dagger board slot. This is just prior to mixing epoxy.

This is just after all epoxy work is finished, looking for small leaks in the bag. We were able to pull about 80% vacuum (0,2 bar)

The very happy lamination team now looking forward to a cold beer.....

Epoxy starting to saturate the bleeder, heat cranked up over night.

The next morning, consumables removed to uncover a result to the builders' great satisfaction.

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