Tuesday, July 21, 2009

International F-22 builder meeting

It has been really busy lately and I have not been able to make much progress. I did however have the pleasure of the Danish builder Peter visiting me in my workshop on Sunday evening. We did not take any pictures but had a very nice talk about the F-22. Peter is also building an all carbon version. He ordered a mast foot from the same workshop as I will have all the metal parts fabricated from. I'm going to pick up the mast foot tomorrow.

I have done a few small things since the last update though. Here is the deck stringer uncovered. The conversion of method seems to have ended well after all.

I did the cut out for the anchor well hatch.

I laminated and bagged the aft bunk top. A really mess to do this with regular bagging as opposed to vacuum infusion, but I am out of the low viscosity resin required for this method.

I have prepared flange moulds for the front bunk.

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