Friday, July 24, 2009

More interior work

I got the glue flanges for the front bunk top made (I hate making those flanges) and today I painted the compartments to be more or less closed in with a layer of Top Coat. I planned on spraying in order to reach all areas, but it turned out to be a very "foggy" business so I converted to rolling. I have only removed the peel ply and gone over with a brief touch of sanding, but the finish seems to be quite good enough. Now comes the stage where I can collect from doing precise work and peel plying everything.
A shot from the very front point of the front bunk looking aft:

And from the very aft end of the aft cabin looking forward:

I also started shaping the bow:

As soon as all interior taping is done (except the up side down taping) I plan on turning the hull 180 degrees in order to do the now up side down taping. I will also shape the other side of the bow and front deck at that point before putting it the right way and start serious exterior work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tor ,have you tried using perspex to form the gluing flanges yet ? Makes a huge difference . Keep batting on your hull looks terrific . Cheers , Jim Buckland .

Tor Rabe said...

No, never tried perspex/plexiglass. Is it the see trough that makes the difference? Do you wax it? When are you on the water?

Anonymous said...

HI Tor , yes it is the see through that makes the difference , also narrow places like the coaming tops , I know Menno had a bit of bother with them . Wax up just as normal and if you use 3mm perspex it will bend when needed ( coaming tops ! ) and only needs to be held in place with small nails - drill through the perspex at an angle and it locks it in place very well . Hoping for a November launch but the detail work we are doing at the moment - little cutouts for storage etc takes forever . But as a very wise person once said - if you don't have time to do it right the first time how are you ever going to find time to fix it up ...........Cheers , Jim B.