Thursday, June 03, 2010

May in retrospect

May turned out, as it tends to do every year, as a very busy month where one ends up feeling that very little have been accomplished in any field.  That's probably not quite true, but to a certain degree. Not much happened to the F22 anyway.  The minitonner, on the other hand, was launched, and has sailed two races so far, including yesterdays Wednesday night beer can race.  We started out in very light airs and kept the 33 ft+ competitors quite well until the wind headed and picked up to ~16-18 kt and the cross cut dacron main took on a huge S-shape.  Then the wind died totally on our way back, just when the big boats reached the finish line.  We corrected in in the middle of the pack and had a good time.  Have to check out the old kevlar main, it might be some hours left in that.

I vacuum laminated five layers of plywood to be the central trailer bunk board, while strapping it to the hull to make the right shape:

The F22 was then turned back with the sunny side up, and I have started with the cockpit coamings.  I make small compartments accessible from the inside in the front part, and a big cut out for the rest of the storage space.  In the aft end of this I did as other builders have described, I put up a small "wall" to stop things to fall down in the under seat compartment, but keeping the space open for airflow.  This will make for a ventilated under seat compartment even if I choose to put doors on the openings. I guess I will reinforce for a small winch on the coamings, should the two cabin top winches turn out not to be sufficient, but the main plan is to use two winches only.

CNC-ed foam for the rudder is still not finished.

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