Sunday, April 25, 2010

Social event and some building

I had a short notice gathering in the boat last week-end, drinking Calvados and discussing various maritime themes, such as interior layout possibilities and what to do about our Minitonner.  I would say the evening was a success in every aspect.  The small central cockpit configuration turned out to work well as the centre of events.

Foam blanks for the rudder is still a couple of weeks off, so after waxing the moulds they are set aside for now.  Looks like they have an adequate surface.

After a thorough clean up the following day I started to develop the buffer tank, i.e. finding the appropriate height, RM69 on several layers of off cut panels

and trying to figure out where the trough hulls and trough tanks will go.  I have done a lot of research on different hardware as well, several interesting parts available but of course none of them marketed in Norway. I favour the Forespar Marelon fittings and wrote them, and the Norwegian importer has been advised to contact me.
Here is the aft tank bulkhead dry fitted and floor level outlined.

Then making glueing flanges on the forward tank bulkhead. This picture is also showing the result of hours digging out edge foam and filling with epoxy.

Like this:

And a flange on the aft tank bulkhead

I have also started fitting the anchor well, here the well is temporarily wedged in

Taped in place on the accessible inside top joins.  The rest of the taping will be done with the hull on the sides and up side down.


Anonymous said...

it's a nice picture from our social event. I start following your interesting blog!

tor egil

Tor Rabe said...

Welcome! And you are of course welcome to see in real life as well whenever you like.