Saturday, November 06, 2010

Laminating rudder halves

I got most of the carbon cut the other day, and did the rest today.  The mould was sealed earlier, today I applied 5 layers of wax, using Chemlease PMR-90 that I got for the mast.  It's supposed to have a very good release.  I'm anxious to find out....

The wax have to be left to cure between each layers.  During the curing time I prepared plastic cutting patterns for cutting the carbon for the mast

Doing the rudder halves as a wet lay up, there was no room for photographing the process.  Here are the carbon skin, the UD reinforcements and the foam core with cut back and HD epoxy mix along the trailing edge wet in the moulds.

Consumables added and a perfect vacuum making sure everything is perfectly bonded to each other. Next step will be routing the foam and skin edges back to centreline level, and then remove foam to allow for the central core which will be added wet as the halves are joined.

Fairing of the bow pole 

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