Monday, November 01, 2010

Washing, sanding, washing, filling, sanding, washing

It has been difficult finding time again for a few days, but the moulds are getting better and soon ready for use.  First, after a thorough wash, I wet sanded the moulds to get an impression how bad they really were.  The leading half is not that bad, but the trailing half had a lot of damage to it.  It almost seems they forgot to wax it in several areas before the last shoot.

Then, after soap and the acetone washing, I started filling the imperfections and damages.  This is now sanded down again (hard work sanding epoxy filler inside a mould) and I will have to do one more fill in a few spots.

I also laminated the sides of the carbon anchors for bob stay and screecher tack on the bow pole.

And the last lamination inside the "ears" was done.   After placing the carbon inside, I inflated a balloon to keep it tight to the underlying laminate.  Worked well.

Hopefully, November will bring a mast to the workshop.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tor , mould damage as you describe can come about through an inappropriate release agent . I assume you will be curing this mast at a fairly high temperature ? If so make sure your release system is up to the job . Good luck . Jim B.